Baileys Outshine Now in stock

Baileys Outshine Now in stock

Baileys Outshine Now in stock

Unique extruded blend of oils from top quality soya and linseed which provide a concentrated source of slow release energy which can be added to the diet without significantly increasing the overall volume fed.

Also contains the necessary supporting antioxidants, including vitamins E and C, selenium and zinc, which are required by the body when the levels of oil in the diet are elevated.

Promotes stamina because fats and oils are utilised by the muscles when working at low intensities, sparing glycogen stores for hard work when this is the preferred fuel source for the muscles.

Supplies a combination of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids whose essential actions in the body mean that this balance is preferable as an imbalance can cause problems.

Preferable to feeding straight oil due to the balance of fatty acids and supporting antioxidants.

Ideal for excitable types or those prone to tying-up, whose starch intake needs to be controlled whilst maintaining energy levels.

Contains a hefty 26% oil - in comparison to the 18% or 20% oil levels supplied by other high oil supplements – which keeps feeding levels low and costs controlled as well as delivering more concentrated calories per kilo than other brands.